Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Catechisms, Gimmicks, and Misinformation

Recently I made a suggestion to someone making silver gelatin prints with kodalith(or similar) developer, to avoid the fogging-like, maybe not developing for 15 minutes or using some potassium bromide to avoid developer fogging(as paper doesn't like to have its Ph raised that long), not to mention safe light fogging. Their response to me was-"These aren't silver gelatin prints," to which I am sure my face lost all subtlety in expression as I asked them what type of prints he thought they were? -Anecdotal to the state of photography today!

There is no such thing as a 'Lith-Print'-they are silver gelatin prints-unless Weston was an amidol printer(later an LPD printer)-an ansco printer-or I a beers printer, or a bromophen printer!

The subtleties and tone differences of different developers are know to those of us who understand and respect the craft of photography, and chosen in respect.

Note to all those that care(probably no one)-an archival pigment print is a carbon transfer print.

Rafael, Michelangelo, Leonardo-all archival pigment painters!

I was recently printing some old 6x6 negatives I bought at a flea market in Berlin. I wanted to give them an ageless glow, and mixed 1/3 Lith developer with 2/3 LPD 1:4, developing for 3 to 4 minutes. The result was beautiful prints with glowing highlights due to loss of a stop in highlights that lith developer creates, without all the grainy flatness I was not looking for in the print.

I am still wondering what name the topical intelligence of todays photographers would give these prints-LithPD, LPLith, silver lith, lipstick on a pig prints? Not sure-but I hope some genius out there can tell me what catchy name will make my work sell or promote so I don't have to try so hard to make work I believe in-

"I was going to change my shirt, but instead I changed my mind," Winnie the Pooh.

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