Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Make it Red: Gursky 's Bangkok and Majestic Oceans

I landed back in NYC at 6am, after 6 weeks of Printing Silver Gelatin prints in Seattle, determined to head to the Gagosian and see if this Gursky exhibit was as bad or great as I had heard it was.  After a good sleep I trekked down to Stumptown coffee on 29th and Broadway to wake up again.  I walked across town to Chelsea, mourning the loss of the Chelsea Hotel as we know it along the way.  

Upon entering the Gagosian I was told I couldn't bring my coffee in, no hello, how are you sir?, could you please leave your coffee here before entering?  It was empty anyways, I just wanted them to toss it for me.

So there stood before me, a monstrosity, a giant blue, flat, photoshopped piece of tacky wallpaper-A virtual assault on my visual cortex.  No true black, a bunch of weird things awkwardly photoshopped in with easily spotted amateur photoshop technique.  It looked like someone wanted to be Clifford Still but couldn't be bothered with learning how to paint.  The painfully obvious and cliche uses of serenity marked with garbage looked like a graphic for some sort of PSA about littering.  I got close to the works and was told I couldn't get that close, I thought to myself of that old line about meeting a girl in a dimly lit bar-Close to good from far away, but far away from good up close.  No subtlety or elegance in the works at all, just overstated shouts, insulting the viewer.  The scale just seemed to say to me, see?, get it?, it's important!, I made it big!(pun intended)  Nothing universal and  nothing worth anymore remark from me other than:  If it isn't good, make it big, and if it isn't big, make it red- Gursky may need the scale to con us into thinking this is good work, but he may also have to make it red.

As per the satellite images, two things; I would rather just buy a huge TV, hit pause on the NASA channel and use the leftover money from buying a Gursky piece to take a private trip to space, and two, The polar cap image would be more interesting if it were a pile of cocaine, and maybe actually worth the asking price at that size.

ps- NASA makes high resolution copies of its images free for download online, because they are federally funded, so reproducing one of Gursky's images shouldn't prove too hard.

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  1. Awesome review---love the honesty. You should be working for some famous publication that reviews art.