Friday, December 16, 2011

Vivian Maier

I had met John Maloof, the man who bought Maire's work at an estate sale, and has since archived and exhibited her world all around the world.  When I read about the story, I was initially skeptical of such a person's self interest and whether or not they would be faithful to her works etc.  I talked with John for a couple hours during FORMAT International Photography Festival where I was exhibiting and he was talking about the project, and I knew after talking with him, that he was just eccentric and heartfelt enough to procure and take care of her work-that it may make its way into the public with dignity and respect.

Anyone that describes themselves to me as a third generation flea marketer can't be all bad!

The work was printed very well, on what looked like Ilford Warmtone semi-matte Fiber paper with what looked like a fairly cold tone developer, similar to Bromophen or Beers Solution.  Hank's Photographic Services printed the work and I spoke for a good while with one of the printers from Hank's that worked on the project.  A couple of the negatives were very bad and had to be drum scanned and output on an LVT film recorder.

The prints were about 10inch squares, matted with a warm white matte, and framed in a standard black wood fram, with prices of the non-vintage prints at about 1600-1800 dollars. 

Her work is very good, vernacular, beautiful, specific but timeless, with great care and attention.

I cannot suggest enough that one take the time to see this exhibit!

Howard Greenberg Gallery
41 E 57th St  New York, NY 10022

(212) 334-0010

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