Friday, June 4, 2010

Peter Saeker and The Photograhic Babyl

I can't believe a beautiful photographer, and friend of Walker Evans, one might say his 'competition,' Peter Sekaer, whose life's work is held in a museum in atlanta is casually listed in the  New York Times' arts section under 'antiques.'

I am appalled at the state of photography, and collectors, and theorists, not to mention curators-That word is now thrown around to include idiots who aren't even photographers, who run some stupid blog, and consider themselves important, though they know nothing of photography, of its history, its roots, its importance-They know only what they 'like.'  Which is not what a curator is.

Julian Cox is a curator-and she has put together a touching retrospective of a real photographer-not some asshole that thinks using the tools of photography make his products photographs not to mention him a photographer.

What am I talking about?-look at this trash passing for photography at the CCNY (camera club NY) lecture series at the ICP in New York-mocking the integrity of Robert Capa.
A New Landscape: Scanner, Game, Charcoal, and the Nude-What they really mean is-absolute garbage with some overthought 'process' that ought to have included reason at any of its stages, not to mention suicide.  

The language of photography is expanding you may tell me-I may say to you-that it has become illiterate-nothing more than a visual tower of babyl.

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