Sunday, December 26, 2010

Format International Photography Festival

During my trip to NYC in May for the New York Photograph Festival, I had a portfolio review with Louise Clements- the director and co-founder of FORMAT International photography festival-upon her  insistence i submitted my work for consideration for exhibition at FORMAT, and I was chosen.

My work will be exhibited at Deda Theatre in Derby, their website is here

This year's programme is curated around the theme of street photography. It consists of exhibitions, portfolio reviews, workshops, commissions, screenings, mass participation, talks, photo collectives, publications, a summer school, conference and much more, all focusing on showing new work premiering in the UK, alongside the best established practitioners in the world.

I will be exhibiting Ilfochrome Prints-14x21 inch, made from 35mm transparency (velvia50).  I will genuinely be suprised if anyone other than myself will be exhibiting ilfochromes, a now almost extinct printing method-a dye destruction process formerly known as cibachrome, though they are of unmatched beauty and clarity.

The work I will be showing is part of my series of street photography i am compiling for publication and exhibition entitled No Ring Circus.  It is centered around my experience of connecting with and indentifying in a world i find alienating yet profoundly close to my heart.

see the website for format here

below are three of the 7 images i will be exhibiting.

Gabriel Thompson